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Risk Racing Europe ez3_utility_jug_main

3 Gallons

3 handles

3 innovative accessories

The EZ3 Utility Jug is exactly what the name implies. It is a 3 Gallon (10 Liter) Utility Jug that is simply easy to use. It has a triple handle design that is completely unique. The top handle and side handle are obvious, but it is the third fingertip handle at the front of the jug that comes in handy during the end of the pour. This triple handle design allows the user to carry and pour at any angle with comfort and control. Carry and pour with confidence knowing that the EZ3 is constructed from thick-walled, high-density, polyethylene plastic, ensuring it is durable enough to hold up to any fluids you may transport.

The EZ3 also solves the common problem of liquid spilling from the vent hole, which is commonly placed entirely too close to the cap and spout. Risk placed the vent on the EZ3 on the very back of the top handle, keeping it far from the main cap ensuring plenty of venting without the spills.

Risk Racing Europe ez3_utility_jug_floor_mount_for_transport

Safely securing a utility jug for transport can also be a hassle. Risk has solved this issue as well. The EZ3 has a floor mount accessory called The EZ3 Boot. This hardened steel frame mounts easily to the floor of a trailer, van or truck bed. The EZ3 Utility jug then snaps right in place, preventing it from falling over during transit. Additionally, a padlock can be placed through the EZ3 Boot to securely lock the EZ3 Utility Jug to your truck or trailer, protecting your investment.

Risk Racing Europe hose-bender
Risk Racing Europe flow-control

Finally, Risk Racing has 2 innovative spouts to choose from which complement the EZ3 jug, and further enhance the user experience. Customers can choose to pair their EZ3 with the new Hose Bender spout, which positions the hose in the perfect pouring position. Or they can choose the Flow Control which has the hose bender feature, but also the Auto Shut-off spout.

The EZ3 Utility Jug comes with a heavy duty cap that features a thick nitrile rubber gasket, designed to prevent against leaking you might find with lower quality jugs. The cap features a removeable plug in the top center of the cap. This jug is sold separately from the accessories listed above. You can buy only what you need, and outfit your jug to your exact preferences. Purchase the Hose Bender, Flow Control, and floor mount separately to create your perfect Utility jug.